Gropacus plays PAC-MAN after skipping Judiciary Dommittee hearing on Trump nominee

WASHINGTON, D.C. — During the confirmation hearing of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh?

You would’ve thought that the fate of the free world hinged upon control of the federal judiciary. That’s what Democrats were telling us, chief among them Gropacus (f/k/a “Cory Booker”). He ‘leaked’ documentsCuriously enough, however, the Democrat members of the Senator Judiciary Committee weren’t nearly as interested in the latest round of controversial proposals Trump judicial nominations:


“At both hearings, the Republicans in charge did ask the nominees about the concerns raised about their nominations,” according to BuzzFeedNews. “Rushing defended her experience in response to questions from Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy, who chaired her Oct. 17 hearing in Grassley’s absence, saying she had spent significant time practicing in federal appeals courts. Idaho Sen. Mike Crapo chaired the hearing this week and asked Miller about tribal sovereignty. Miller replied that the positions he took in court were on behalf of his clients, not his own personal views, and that tribal sovereignty was a ‘foundational principle’ and the US should honor treaties.”

Where was Booker on October 17th?