LUPE’s silence is deafening following board member’s anti-evangelical slurs | Schirmer

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By Ileana Schirmer


I read her apology.

I am glad to see that Ms. Noemi Velazquez apologized for her one hateful and offensive comment towards Evangelicals. She blamed it on “overwhelmingly heated political occurrences.”

What she clearly fails to address are the other hateful and offensive social media comments/posts she made and shared. It is not a singular event that angered Ms. Velazquez; it’s an intolerance towards those who do not share in her political beliefs.

It’s a pattern of intolerance that she has demonstrated time and time again through not just one, but many of her social media posts and comments. Ms. Velazquez’s leadership role with LUPE-PAC and the deafening silence on from the Executive Board and some members of LUPE-PAC and LUPE Fund on Ms. Velazquez’s comments should raise a red flag to all who claim to embrace tolerance and believe their is no place for hate in our public discourse.

The reality is, they cannot claim to be a non-partisan organization with a mission to Educate, Empower and Engage Latinas and yet stay silent when one of their own lashes out such hate towards those who do not share in her political views.

I’m sure Ms. Velazquez and LUPE-PAC must know that not all Latinas share THEIR political views. Latina women can see through this hate and intolerance.

Latina women are raised with strong family values and and many with a strong faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Latina women do not need individuals like Ms. Velazquez or the LUPE-PAC organization to empower us; we are already empowered by our values and faith.

We are collectively stronger when we respect each other’s values and faith.


Ileana Schirmer is a Cuba American councilwoman in Hamilton Township, New Jersey, and a former candidate for State Senate in New Jersey’s 14th Legislative District.