NJ-03’s MacArthur: I disagree with Trump on immigration executive orders, same as Obama

TOMS RIVER, N.J. — Congressman Tom MacArthur (R, N.J.-03) isn’t on the same page with President Trump’s on birthright citizenship.

“I didn’t agree with President Obama when he tried to change immigration law by Executive Order and I don’t agree with President Trump for the same reason. I do agree with President Trump that our immigration system is broken and Congress must come together to pass comprehensive immigration reform,” said MacArthur. “We must find a compassionate solution to fix the DACA program, without letting anyone jump the line, and I urged Speaker Ryan to do just that by bringing a bill to the House floor. Earlier this year, I voted for legislation that enhances border security measures, creates a merit-based immigration system, protects DACA youth from being deported, and ends the practice of family separation at the border. Congress – both Republicans and Democrats – must address these issues immediately.  It is our Constitutional duty.”