Trump goes after Gropacus: “He ran Newark, New Jersey, into the ground.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Trump played offense on Monday, Save Jerseyans, celebrating his retooled NAFTA agreement while simultaneously taking aim at the U.S. Senators responsible for slowing Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation process.

Chief among them? Cory Booker (D-Twitter), aka “Gropacus.

“Take a look at Cory Booker,” Trump said at his White House rose garden presser. “He ran Newark, New Jersey, into the ground. He was a horrible mayor and he made statement that is when he was in high school or college, what he was doing. He made the statements. Now he is talking about Judge Kavanaugh.”

Long before his time in the U.S. Senate and the Judiciary Committee, Booker’s Newark mayoral tenure was a failure, notable for corruption and rampant crime.

Two days before his press conference, Trump also had a little fun with Booker’s new self-applied nickname during a massive Saturday evening rally in West Virginia. 

“What was the moment he said he had?” Trump asked the crowd.

The audience responded “Spartacus.”

“I don’t think so,” Trump playfully responded. “I think we take Kirk Douglas in his prime. Do we agree?”