The Caravan claims to be escaping violence. Will it find much better in liberal U.S. cities? | SINAGRA

By Joe Sinagra

Consider the following:

In 2016, Chicago had a rate of 27.9 killings per 100,000 residents.

Chicago is populous. St. Louis’s 188 murders amounted to 59.3 homicides per 100,000 people and preserved that city’s status as America’s murder capital. Baltimore places second, with a homicide rate of 51.2, followed by Detroit, New Orleans, and Cleveland. Louisville tallied 112 homicides by the end of November, for a 40 percent increase in its murder rate over last year.

Memphis matched Chicago with a 59 percent rise in its homicide rate as it totaled 214 killings by mid-December. Killings in San Antonio spiked to a 20-year per capita high, reaching a total of 10.3 per 100,000 residents totaling at 151 homicides for the year.

New Jersey isn’t exactly safe either; the most dangerous cities in the Garden State for 2019 according to the FBI’s statistics:

  • Wildwood’s rate of Violent Crimes Per 100k: 1,277, and now finds itself as the most dangerous city in New Jersey.
  • Asbury Park comes in at 2nd place with 1,360 Violent Crimes Per 100k
  • In southern New Jersey, Millville is the 16th most violent of the most dangerous cities, but it’s 3rd in terms of property crime.
  • Ranking number 4, residents in Camden have a 1 in 29.4 chance of being the victim of theft or arson in 2017 and a 1 in 50 chance of being the victim of violent crime.
  • In Atlantic City for 2017, residents faced a 1 in 90 chance of being the victim of violence, and a 1 in 1,732 chance of being the victim of a property crime for every year they spent in AC city limits, making A.C. the 5th most dangerous city.
  • These cities are followed by Bridgeton, Millville, Elizabeth, Woodbury, Vineland, Orange, and Trenton respectively.
  • New Brunswick comes in at number 21 on the list.

Meanwhile, the highly-publicized migrant caravan at the U.S.-Mexican border is seeking asylum on the basis that its members are fleeing violence, poverty, drug gangs, and general strife.

It defies logic that thousands of migrants suddenly woke up one day and decided they had enough of MS-13 and the like and were coming to the U.S., either legally or illegally, to escape their plight. Why not unite, stand up, and correct their situation in their own respective countries?

The bottom line is that we have enough crime and violence in America’s cities already, and we certainly don’t need more. There is no reason to march 900 miles to a country where there is no guarantee they won’t wind up in the same circumstances which they are currently trying to escape.

American citizens all over the U.S. and in our own state of New Jersey face the same conditions as the fleeing migrants every single day. Most of them live in cities which have been controlled by ‘progressive’ politicians for generations.

Where will Americans who face these same challenges day-in, day out go to claim their asylum?


Joe Sinagra
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