NJ-02: Singh “will evaluate” 2020 challenge to Van Drew

By The Staff

Indian American millennial businessman Hirsh Singh was the establishment favorite heading into the 2018 NJ-02 GOP primary. He’s an unapologetic Trump backer too.

The Gilmore circle’s backing wasn’t enough to get Singh across the finish line as South Jersey’s fractured, disorganized country parties went for different candidates in a crowded field, allowing veteran activist and Jersey Shore attorney Seth Grossman to emerge from the pack in a stunning upset.

Flash forward several months. An underfunded Grossman shunned by the NRCC for off-color commentary came within a mere 6.4-point of upsetting a well-funded, machine-backed state senator (Jeff Van Drew) in the general election. Republicans here and in D.C. (who lost seven U.S. House seats between N.J. and N.Y. alone last Tuesday) are giving the district a second look

So is Singh.

“Will evaluate,” Singh told Save Jersey on Wednesday after one of our readers spotted a post boosted from his ‘Singh for Congress’ Facebook page…



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