Will he finally catch the bouquet? Christie under consideration for Trump’s Chief of Staff.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Chris Christie has tried harder than anyone to land a spot in the Trump Administration.

It hasn’t panned out over the past two years. He’s been the ultimate bridesmaid.

Is 2019 his year to snatch that elusive bouquet? The Trumpster reportedly met with the former N.J. Governor and is favorably discussing Christie’s attributes for the job (currently held by the departing John Kelly) with his associates.

The news was first reported by Axios.

Christie had wanted to be vice president or land a top cabinet post (attorney general) but a Christie fit for those positions remmains complicated by the New Jerseyan’s lack of public popularity as well as the Bridgegate scandal. But the Bridgegate defendants are finally almost out of the news (their appeal hit a dead end of sorts, but they will be re-sentenced after the conviction on one charge was thrown out), and the beauty of the Chief of Staff post (from Christie’s and Trump’s perspectives) is that it’s a political appointment which does NOT require a messy Senate confirmation.