Trump is reportedly close to an AG decision, and the front-runner isn’t Christie

By The Staff

Former U.S. attorney general William P. Barr, who served under the late George H. W. Bush, is reportedly President Trump’s leading candidate to succeed Jeff Sessions over at the Justice Department.

That’s according to Thursday evening reports from The Washington Post and The New York Times.

Barr is experienced, a strong supporter of presidential power, and probably least likely to raise partisan passions on Capitol Hill of the leading options.

If it’s true, Barr’s return to his old post represents a significant blow to former Governor Chris Christie who is presently campaigning for the post, one for which he reportedly turned down other cabinet posts in the hopes that an opening would eventually crop up.

Christie had pursued other Trump world jobs too over the past two years, ranging from Vice President to Chief of Staff, but he hasn’t landed one to date.