Rutgers will hold off collecting tuition from furloughed federal employees’ kids

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. — Rutgers raised its tuition rates 2.3% this school year.

With the shutdown putting some federal employees’ paychecks on hold indefinitely? And a deal between President Trump and Speaker and Pelosi nowhere in sight? The president of Rutgers says his university will wait for tuition payments owed by students who are federal employees, married to federal employees, or dependents of federal employees:


Here’s what Barchi sent out on Tuesday:


Members of the Rutgers Community:

We begin a new semester in the midst of a partial shutdown of the federal government that has stretched into its second month. This is an incredibly stressful time for students whose parents or spouses are currently furloughed and for students who themselves are furloughed federal employees. To help reduce that stress for these members of our community, I am announcing today that the University will temporarily postpone collection of currently unpaid tuition, housing fees, and other charges for furloughed federal employees or their spouses or dependents.

In this way, I hope we can eliminate disruption of academic careers while the federal shutdown continues. Although University budgets are constrained, we feel it is better for the University to temporarily carry this burden, rather than our students affected by the shutdown.

Qualified students will have any unpaid balances on their term bills placed in suspension until the partial government shutdown ends. Students will be required to self-identify and demonstrate that they or their parents are furloughed federal employees.

This assistance will be applicable to any balances in excess of any federal student loans, grants, or work study programs – all of which are unaffected by the partial government shutdown. The appropriation for the U.S. Department of Education, which funds those programs, was approved by Congress and enacted by the President in September of last year.

Furlough assistance will be available to all qualified Rutgers students at Rutgers–Camden, Rutgers–Newark, Rutgers–New Brunswick, and RBHS. Any postponed balances will become due following the end of the shutdown. No late fees or interest on balances will be assessed.

Students who meet these qualifications and would like to seek this assistance should visit

Best wishes to our students, faculty, and staff for a successful and rewarding semester.

Robert Barchi


There are approximately 6,700 federal employees in New Jersey who are not receiving paychecks at the moment. Barchi did not estimate how many impacted individuals attend classes at any of the Rutgers campuses.