Moench makes his move in Bridgewater

BRIDGEWATER, N.J. — It’s a generational battle that may soon be reflected across New Jersey.

This June, eight-year incumbent Republican Mayor Daniel Hayes is facing an intra-party challenge from 30-something GOP Council President Matthew Moench, a former deputy chief to Chris Christie.


Bridgewater Republican Municipal Committee is behind Moench.

So is former Bridgewater Township Councilman and Freeholder Pat Scaglione in addition to healthy sampling of local and county Republican figures who believe Moench will play a part in the resurgence of an embattled county party that lost seats in 2018 as its grip on power appears to be loosening

Many of them were present on Saturday when Moench launched his 2019 campaign at Hamilton School where he attended elementary school and where his son now attends. The assembly room was full of well wishers and supporters from Bridgewater. At least 90 to 100 adults and another couple of dozen children populated the room, and the candidate’s wife Stephanie served as the master of ceremonies while his young son led the pledge of allegiance. Speakers included two of Moench’s council colleagues and his elementary school music teacher (he attended Hamilton School).