Next up: Democrats will soon let your N.J. town assess an “art tax”

By The Staff

The taxes keep on coming, Save Jerseyans.

Mover over Rain Tax: late last week, Assembly Democrats approved legislation (A-3832) which will allow Garden State municipalities to assess tax levies for “arts and culture” projects provided the levies are approved in a local ballot referendum. Both the State Senate and Governor Phil Murphy are expected to take up and support the measure.


What qualifies as art?

That’s a good question! Hypothetical future “art tax” revenues could (and likely will) be spent on just about anything, something that’s certain to spur debates in the years to come.

The legislation broadly defines “arts and culture” projects as “creative and cultural activities, including but not limited to, performing, visual, and fine arts, music, dance, graphic design, film, digital media and video, architecture and urban design, humanities, literature, arts and culture education, historic preservation, museum curation, crafts, and folk arts.”

New Jersey is already consistently ranked as America’s worst tax state.