Is Tom Malinowski really cool with Ilhan Omar?

By Matt Rooney

Ilhan Omar’s political existence is the clearest sign yet that the Democrat Party is going full-on crazy, Save Jersey.



For those of you who haven’t been closely following the new Congress (maybe you can’t stomach it? I can’t blame you), she’s a 37-year old Somali American Muslim Democrat who was just elected to represent Minnesota’s 5th congressional district. She’s also a product of an increasingly radical, anti-Israel wing of the Democrat Party, elected to office just six years after the DNC booed America’s time-tested Middle Eastern democratic ally on live national television.

Consider Omar’s extreme anti-Semitism and unequivocal hatred of Israel which doesn’t need to be inferred from her press releases; she comes right out and says it:


It wasn’t an isolated dumb tweet. She’s using language which has been long-recycled by ardent anti-Semites throughout the ages including in 1930s German propaganda. She also compared Israel to Iran and shrugged off terrorist attacks as a symptom of “our involvement in other people’s affairs,” a statement which is over-simplistic and naive at best and downright disturbing at worst.

But that’s not even the worst part, folks. Not by a mile.

Nancy Pelosi just appointed Ilhan Omar to the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

That’s right! This young leftist who believes terrorists are justified in their feelings and Israel is evil now gets to vote on crafting America’s foreign policy. Scary, scary stuff, and a new low for the Democrats.

Three New Jerseyans are actually on this committee: Chris Smith (R-4), Tom Malinowski (D-7), and Albio Sires (D-8). All three should speak out IMMEDIATELY and condemn Omar’s presence on the committee.

Malinowski’s silence is particularly angering. The sole freshman of the aforementioned trio, Malinowski shamelessly masqueraded as a pro-Israel candidate in his successful NJ-07 challenge to Leonard Lance, even campaigning with a former ambassador to Israel during the 2018 race. Lance accurately pilloried Malinowski during the cycle for his past lobbying efforts on behalf of an anti-Israeli organization. It didn’t stick.

The longer Malinowski remains silent in his new role?

The more certain we are that he’s closer to Omar’s wacked-out position on Jews and the Jewish State than he’d ever have the courage to admit in a town hall, editorial board interview or campaign commercial.

Because when it comes to confronting evil? Particularly in the form of vile, unapologetic anti-Semitism, Save Jerseyans?

Silence is consent.