“Yikes!” N.J. ‘Quality of Life Index’ hits new low under Phil Murphy

By The Staff

Ominous news, Save Jerseyans.

The Monmouth University Poll found only half of New Jerseyans presently describing the Garden State as an excellent (11%) or good (39%) place to live.


32% rate it “fair” while 17% say it’s “poor.”

Overall? It’s an all-time low net rating for New Jersey since Monmouth began tracking ‘quality of life’ in our state way back in 1980. 

The new 50% rating (down from 54% last year) is down from a 60-something average over the past decade; the all-time high rating was 84% in 1987.

Click here for the full survey results.

“Yikes! The state rating has bounced around the last few years, but this latest result marks a precipitous drop from any prior reading. This is a huge warning sign for the state’s political leadership.  If New Jerseyans aren’t confident that the situation will turn around, they will start voting with their feet,” opined Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute.

Another recent Monmouth Poll found Governor Phil Murphy trailing his predecessors Jon Corzine and Chris Christie at the same point in his own gubernatorial tenure.