MUST READ: The NJEA is fatter (but less financially secure?) than ever before

By The Staff

The popular left-of-center education watchdog blog NJ Left Behind published an informative and eye-opening post on Tuesday, Save Jerseyans, analyzing the latest-available information on the spending of the notorious New Jersey Education Association (NJEA).

Any taxpayer (teachers included) should want to read it.


The NJEA’s 2017 990 IRS submission revealed that the powerful public sector union’s spending increases are on-pace to out-strip its dues-driven revenue stream of $125 million (as of 2017).

What spending? For starters, the “NJEA’s President, Vice President, and Secretary-Treasurer were compensated a total of $1.44 million in 2017 — an average of $482,502, or almost seven times the average New Jersey teachers’ pay.” But that’s just the tip of the iceberg as spending continues to rise across the board, raising serious questions as to whether the union’s spending is sustainable.

Click here to read the full analysis.

“Teachers have a choice that they never had before: They can condone extravagant staff salaries and profligate spending or they can choose to opt out,” opined Laura Waters, the site’s proprietor and a former member of the Lawrence Township Board of Education, alluding to the landmark Janus decision