LD8: Burlington GOP continues to coalesce around Peters-Stanfield

MT. HOLLY, N.J. — In mid-February? 11 of 15 LD8 Republican municipal chairs endorsed the reelection of Assemblyman Joe Howarth.

This weekend? 14 of the district’s 15 municipal chairs threw in behind Assemblyman Ryan Peters and Sheriff Jean Stanfield, leaving Howarth out in the cold.


“Our best opportunity to secure and win back seats of dedicated Republican candidates who will put the taxpayers of Burlington County first lies in our ability to move forward as a united team,” declared GOP leaders in an endorsement letter. “Peters and Stanfield will not only help us to keep these Assembly seats in the Republican column, but they will also work as a team to support the rest of our candidates at the county and municipal level.”

The municipal leaders’ decision to throw in (almost unanimously) behind Peters and Stanfield follows the lead of the county organizations included in LD8 as well as the district’s GOP screening committee.

Click here to read the letter.

The Peters-Stanfield pairing is running to deny Peters’s old running mate — the incumbent Howarth — his chance of renomination after Howarth allegedly attempted to jump ship to the Democrats simultaneously along with turncoat LD8 state Senator Dawn Addiego. Howarth has repeatedly denied the accusation.