LD8: Guadagno, Saxton, Layton, Allen, and small army of 70 GOP leaders line up against Howarth

MOUNT HOLLY, N.J. – The race to unseat incumbent GOP Assemblyman Joe Howarth (R-8) appears to be tilting in the challenger’s favor, at least in terms of party support. 

On Thursday night, Burlington Republicans released a list of 70 Republican leaders endorsing Assemblyman Ryan Peters and his new running mate, Sheriff Jean Stanfield. Howarth stands accused of trying to join the South Jersey Democrats along with turncoat state Senator Dawn Addiego (D-8), a former Republican who jumped ship early this year. Howarth denies the allegation.


Here it is:

Jim Saxton, Former Congressman
Kim Guadagno, Former Lieutenant Governor
Diane Allen, Former State Senator
Chris Brown, Former 8th District Assemblyman
Larry Chatzidakis, Former 8th District Assemblyman
Pat Delany, Former 8th District Assemblyman
Sean Earlen, Burlington County Republican Committee Chairman
Bill Layton, Former Burlington County Republican Committee Chairman
Linda Hughes, Burlington County Republican Committee Vice Chairwoman
Pat Benedetti, Former Burlington County Republican Committee Vice Chairwoman
Mike Locatell, Burlington County Republican Committee Sergeant at Arms
Latham Tiver, Burlington County Freeholder
Leah Arter, Former Burlington County Freeholder Director
Joe Donnelly, Former Burlington County Freeholder Director
Aubrey Fenton, Former Burlington County Freeholder Director
Kate Gibbs, Former Burlington County Freeholder Director
Stacy Jordan, Former Burlington County Freeholder
Tim Tyler, Former Burlington County Clerk
Angelo Lamberto, Burlington County Young Republicans Chairman
Stephanie Cassidy, Past Burlington County Republican Women President
Rich Ambrosino, Camden County Republican Committee Chairman
John Adams, Eastampton Republican Committee Chairman
Michael Troso, Evesham Republican Committee Vice Chairman
Ken D’Andrea, Evesham Township Councilman
Bob DiEnna, Evesham Township Councilman
Randy Brown, Former Evesham Township Mayor
Jay Levenson, Evesham Republican Club President
Brian McGovern, Evesham Republican Club Vice President
Lee Schneider, Hainesport Republican Committee Chairwoman
Frank Masciocchi, Hainesport Mayor
Leila Gilmore, Hainesport Deputy Mayor
Ted Costa, Hainesport Committeeman
Gerry Clauss, Hainesport Committeeman
John Lyons, Hammonton Republicans
Joe Giralo, Hammonton Councilman
Mike Torissi, Hammonton Councilman
Lew Jackson, Lumberton Republican Committee Chairman
Kristin Januseski, Lumberton Deputy Mayor
Jim Dwyer, Lumberton Committeeman
Janice DiGiuseppe, Mansfield Republican Committee Chairwoman
Brandon Umba, Medford Republican Committee Chairman
Bruno DiStefano, Medford Lakes Republican Committee Chairman
William Fields, Medford Lakes Mayor
Tom Cranston, Medford Lakes Councilman
Larry Gladfelter, Mount Holly Republican Committee Chairman
George Ward, Pemberton Borough Republican Committee Chairman
Kathi Ulrich, Pemberton Borough Republican Committee Vice Chairwoman
Tony Miehle, Past Pemberton Township Republican Committee Chairman
Michael Kennedy, Pine Valley Mayor
Sean Gray, Shamong Republican Committee Chairman
Mike DiCroce, Shamong Mayor
Tim Gimbel, Shamong, Deputy Mayor
Michael Cooney, Shamong Committeeman
Martin Mozitis, Shamong Committeeman
Elizabeth Rossell, Southampton Republican Committee Chairwoman
Linda Eckenhoff, Past Southampton Republican Committee Chairwoman
Jim Young, Southampton Mayor
Ron Heston, Southampton Committeeman
Mike Mikulski, Southampton Committeeman
Bill Raftery, Southampton Committeeman
Christiana Bucs, Springfield Republican Committee Vice Chairwoman
Denis McDaniel, Springfield Mayor
Anthony Marinello, Springfield Deputy Mayor
Pete Sobotka, Springfield Committeeman
David Frank, Springfield Committeeman
John Hlubik, Springfield Committeeman
Karl Eversmeyer, Westampton Republican Committee Chairman
Margaret Estlow, Woodland Republican Committee Chairwoman
Bill DeGroff, Woodland Mayor
Mark Herndon, Woodland Committeeman