ROONEY: Government overreach fuels anti-vaxxer conspiracy theories

TRENTON, N.J. — A New York Assemblywoman wants to let minors decide to get vaccinated even if their parents don’t agree, citing a pandemic of misinformation online and social media specifically. Will New Jersey be far behind?

Save Jersey Blogger-in-Chief Matt Rooney was back on Chasing News with Bill Spadea on Wednesday to explain how this new push could actually prove counter-productive.


“We have people act on bad information every day and make horrible decisions, Bill: they’re called legislators, and here’s another one up in the New York Assembly,” said Rooney. “And I’ll tell you what really bothers me about this: not just her arrogance, but this type of government overreach is exactly what fuels the conspiracy theorists, and creates so much concern and misinformation even for vaccines for which, as she has stated, there isn’t any evidence they’re causing significant harm. So she’s actually going to do more harm than good.”