O’Scanlon to Murphy on pot bill: ‘Buy’ my vote with good government!

TRENTON, N.J. – There’s a deal for legal recreational pot in place between Governor Phil Murphy and the Democrat legislative leadership,  Save Jerseyans, and a vote on the historic measure could come as soon as this month, but sources in Trenton also say the votes still aren’t quite there for final passage.

One undecided legislator — state Senator Declan O’Scanlon (R-13) — says he wants four changes to the proposed legislation. But he isn’t interested in pork… 


Criticism of the current bill includes a $42 per ounce ‘weight’ tax.

“The current deal will not meet revenue projections, will not eliminate the black market and will empower the corrupt insiders in Trenton to borrow and spend more of our money, further impoverishing our state and digging us deeper in debt,” opined Bill Spadea of NJ 101.5 earlier this week.

Another obstacle to legalized weed in New Jersey is coming from outside of Trenton as a large number of towns consider barring the sale of marijuana inside their boundaries.