Christie on 2020: Biden can defeat Trump

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was an early Trump backer in the 2016 cycle after abandoning his own ill-fated campaign. 

With the 2020 primary fight fully underway and former Vice President Joe Biden joining the race on Thursday, Christie sees a real opportunity for the Delaware Democrat to win back the White House for his party. 


“Someone who could give [Donald Trump] a run is Joe Biden,” Governor Christie told the podcast TBD earlier this week prior to Biden’s official launch. “I say that because in essence the [2016] election was decided by 80,000 voters in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, and most of those voters were white working class voters.”

“I think if you look at the 19 candidates on the other side of the aisle the one who can best have an opportunity to appeal to those white working class voters is Joe Biden,” Christie added.

One new Morning Consult poll finds Trump trailing Biden by 8-points in a hypothetical general election head-to-head battle.

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