Booker joins in Democrat temper tantrum, demands Barr’s resignation

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A congressional hearing and a letter from Robert Mueller to Attorney General William Barr are keeping Trump-obsessed Democrats busy on Capitol Hill.

Presidential candidate Cory Booker seized on the day’s events to try and steal a little limelight for himself by demanding Barr’s resignation. 


“I have no confidence in Barr’s ability to continue leading the Justice Department. I’m calling on him to resign immediately — join me by signing my petition,” said Booker, who participated in today’s hearing, through a fundraising e-mail blast to supporters. “In seeking to obscure the Mueller report from the public and the press and protecting the president, Attorney General Barr has lied to Congress and undermined the independence of the Department of Justice.”

Booker’s claim that Barr “obscured” the Mueller report is a claim unsupported evidence.

National conservative commentator summed up the Democrats’ push-back against Barr on Twitter: 

Shapiro wasn’t alone as voices spoke out not just against the Democrats’ narrative but also the insinuations associated with the former Special Counsel’s letter: