RGA ribs Murphy over all-out N.J. Democrat civil war

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Lawsuits are flying and the rhetoric is red hot in the New Jersey Democrat civil war. 

Today, the Republican Governors Association (RGA), responsible for GOP gubernatorial campaigns nation-wide, took the opportunity to lay into Murphy over what it described as “growing discord with his own party” which “continues to drag down his administration in New Jersey.”

“Phil Murphy continues to show more interest in winning an intra-party Democrat power struggle than doing his job,” said RGA Communications Director Amelia Chassé Alcivar on Tuesday. “While Murphy drags New Jersey backwards by imposing massive tax hikes while turning a blind eye to corruption, his focus on infighting instead of leading shows how badly he has failed working New Jersey families.”

The Democrats’ infighting isn’t just business-as-usual in the notoriously rough world of N.J. politics but incredibly personal.

Politico described the fight between Murphy and Democrat boss George Norcross as nothing short of “an open civil war”; Norcross had previously pilloried the governor as a “politically incompetent” “liar” who is behaved like “the King of England.” Norcross was referring to a Murphy-initiated investigation into oversight of state tax credits that’s true aim appears to be dethroning Norcross and his associates in South Jersey. Norcross responded this week by filing suit against Murphy and the EDA.

Democrat strife raises the risk of a budget impasse at the end of June. One major policy goal of the Murphy Administration – legal recreational weed – has already been delayed until at least the 2020 election.