CRAZY: Democrat Congresswoman wants more foreign aid, says it will combat illegal alien gangs

WASHINGTON, DC – Seasonal employment trends, a strong economy and a badly broken immigration system have led to a renewed flood of illegal aliens pouring over America’s southern border this spring.

Democrats demand amnesty. Republicans want a wall. A North Jersey freshman congresswoman has a very different solution.

Speaking at a town hall meeting over the weekend, Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D, NJ-11) told her Bloomfield audience that increased foreign aid will help stem the tide of illegal activity at the U.S. southern border; “we need to fund more support, more foreign aid to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador,” said Sherrill:

The audience member posing the question invoked the folly of “nation building.” Sherrill pivoted, suggesting funds could help combat gang violence.

Congresswoman Sherrill did not reference any studies or data to back up her contention that foreign aid correlates to diminished illegal immigration or gang violenmce.

Partisan talking points clearly influenced Sherrill’s response. The Administration of Donald Trump recently suspended almost half of a billion dollars in aid dedicated to the countries cited by Sherrill amid growing evidence that these countries are encouraging — or at least doing nothing to stop — a human wave of migrants crossing from Central America into Mexico and towards the U.S. border. House Democrats have pushed back by attempting to pass larger aid packages.

Despite her alleged concerns about gang violence, Sherrill has been completely silent on ally Phil Murphy’s sanctuary directive and its potential to aid the activities of violent gangs including MS-13 right here in New Jersey.

“Unacceptable is the only way to describe Mikie Sherrill’s desire to reward countries with U.S. tax dollars who are enabling the flow of illegal immigrants,” replied NRCC Spokesman Michael McAdams on Monday.