Liberal Privilege: Rutgers chancellor caught on tape berating police

NEWARK, N.J. – The Left enjoys lecturing others on the nature and gravity of ‘privilege,’ Save Jerseyans, but its membership is awfully bad at remembering their own privilege and acting accordingly.

The latest example: Rutgers-Newark Chancellor Nancy Cantor is in hot water after footage surfaced of her loudly and shrilly berating campus police officers following a minor car accident

In the March 2019 body came footage, Cantor can be seen and heard angrily yelling “I’m the chancellor!” and telling a female Rutgers-Newark police officer that the police “don’t understand” and threatening “[i]f I miss my plane you folks are in trouble!”

It got worse from there. Two other women on the scene chime in on Cantor’s behalf; one argues that the chancellor is “on university business” and advising the officers that they need to know “who they’re dealing with,” implying that the officers should let Cantor get to the airport because of her high-ranking university position. 

Cantor’s academic resume includes lecturing on the “status of women in the academy, and racial justice and diversity.” She joined the university in 2014 earning $385,000. She previously earned $615,000 as a chancellor at Syracuse University where some said Cantor did a poor job handling sexual misconduct allegations lodged against the head basketball coach.

Cantor has reportedly since apologized to the officers.