Possible Sanctuary State showdown looming in Brick on August 13th

BRICK, N.J. – The Sanctuary State crisis forced on New Jersey by the Murphy Administration is currently being fought at the hyper-local level by Republican counties and municipalities.

This war’s next battleground: the Ocean County community of Brick Township.

Brick is a rare Jersey Shore town in deep red Ocean controlled by Democrats, notably Mayor John Ducey who was sworn in as mayor to a second term by Governor Murphy last January. 2019 is another critical election cycle. Just last week, the Brick Township Council declined to support a resolution backed by Republican Councilman Jim Fozman denouncing Murphy’s Sanctuary State policy.

“Talk is cheap, Brick Township residents want action,” said Councilman Fozman, a former Democrat who switched parties. “If Mayor Ducey and the Brick Democrats truly opposed Governor Murphy’s dangerous immigrant directive and our Sanctuary State status, they would allow a vote on my resolution and they would support it.  Anything short of that is a cop out.  Their words are meaningless.”

Fozman is hoping to force a vote at the upcoming August 13th council meeting.

“Governor Murphy –– and liberal Democrats in Trenton cut $22 million from our local schools, while voting to give millions of our tax dollars in tuition aid to illegal immigrants,” added Fozman. “The Murphy Democrats are out-of-control and out-of-touch with Brick, and our Council doesn’t have the guts to oppose them.  The Democrats’ decision to take money from legal citizens in Brick and give it to illegal immigrants across the state is an outrage and a clear reason why we need a Republican check and balance on the Township Council here in Brick.”