Five More Things That Trump Gets Right | Cirucci

By Dan Cirucci
Posted with permission from The Dan Cirucci Blog

It’s easy to become exasperated with President Trump.

He’s a difficult personality. He’s often needlessly provocative and seems to have a penchant for making additional problems for himself just when everything seems to be going right.

But, as we pointed out in a previous post, his instincts are good; he’s mastered the art of rattling his opponents; he’s not afraid to tackle the toughest, most prickly issues and he has the stamina to withstand the rough and tumble world of politics.

So, on top of the Ten Things we mentioned previously, here are five more things that President Trump gets right:

1) He keeps it simple.

President Trump understands the first rule of getting your message across: Keep it simple, stupid — otherwise known as KISS. This was evident right from the start with “Make America Great Again” (just four very powerful words) and it runs through everything else that he’s pitching. And he repeats these clear themes and simple messages, hammering them home again and again. It works!

2) Parties just don’t mean as much.

It used to be that the candidate was the vehicle for the party to win. But Trump reversed all that. In his case, the party became the vehicle for him to triumph. He already had a national identity, a movement, a message and  an impressive fund-raising mechanism. He pretty much only needed the party so he could run in all 50 states. Trump understands that political parties don’t mean as much as they used to and he’s capitalized on that.

3) Social media counts.

This is something that Donald Trump (a master of all media to begin with) was one of the first to pick up on. And he ran with it. Old media are still trying to understand the ubiquitousness and apparent omnipotence of social media. Meanwhile, whether you like his tweets or not, Trump has made social media an instantaneous and ultra-powerful bully pulpit. And everybody is compelled to pay attention. every single time.

4) Ya gotta stay real!

Trump throws you off guard. He surprises. He unsettles. He even shocks. Why? Because, as far as anyone can tell, he’s not pre-programed. He’s not a plasticized or homogenized public figure. He is just as you see him, just as you hear him, just as you perceive him. He may sometimes be crude, rude and full of attitude but, like it or not, he’s real; he’s authentic. And one can’t help but think this is something the public has been craving for a long time.

5) The elites are vacuous and phony.

Hollywood, big media, the deep state, academia — turns out all these self-appointed Masters of he Universe ain’t so powerful after all. Trump has smoked them out. Bravely, boldly and brashly, he’s revealed them. He’s lifted the green curtain and showed us that the Oz-like domain that these phonies have created is nothing but an elaborate ruse designed to uplift them and enslave us.