Booker: I need $1.7 million by October 1st or my campaign is over!

NEWARK, N.J. – With his poll numbers cratering both in battleground states and back at home AND the Newark Water Crisis reminding prospective supporters of his dismal governing history, Cory Booker took to Twitter on Saturday to make an unusual announcement:

He needs $1.7 million by October 1st or he’s out of the Democrat presidential primary. Seriously. He’s officially a worse investment than a leaky boat. 

The junior U.S. Senator from New Jersey insisted on his favorite medium Twitter that his plea isn’t a stunt:

Campaigns frequently send dire-sounding financial pleases near the end of fundraising quarters; it’s unusual for a candidate to directly declare he’ll drop out if a certain dollar amount isn’t achieved.

But it’s an appropriate end for #Booker2020, isn’t it?

The man has embraced ruinously reckless economic policies like free ‘opportunity’ accounts, taxpayer-subsidized private sector jobs, and ending overdraft fees.

You and I think giving more money to a clearly failing enterprise is an obvious bad move.

Booker? Those are the only moves in his playbook!

I know one person who will be particularly pleased by this weekend’s news. If he fails and leaves the race, Gropacus will have finished even worse than New Jersey’s last failed presidential upstart (Chris Christie) who dropped in February after the  2016 GOP New Hampshire primary. So CJC has that going for him.