POLL: Booker loses to Biden, Warren and Sanders in N.J.

TRENTON, N.J. – Cory Booker remains popular with New Jersey Democrats, but that doesn’t mean he’s his home state’s party’s first choice for president. Not even close.

The results of a new Monmouth Poll released Thursday found Booker (at 9%) trailing Vice President Joe Biden (26%), Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren (20%), and Vermont Senatort Bernie Sanders (18%) by wide margins among Democrats and Democrat-leaning unaffiliated voters in the Garden State.

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Booker’s approval rating overall is right-side up at 45%-37%, but that’s down from the 54% approve and 31% disapprove he scored last April 2018 before his presidential campaign began in earnest. 

71% approve of New Jersey Democrats still approve of their junior senator; however, only 14% of Republicans (69% disapprove) and 40% of independents (45% disapprove) agree with their Democrat neighbors, a potentially ominous sign for Booker moving into his own concurrent U.S. Senate reelection bid next fall.

51% of those polled believe the former mayor bears at least some responsibility for the Newark Water Crisis.

“Running for president can stretch the patience of home state constituents, and we are seeing some signs of that with Cory Booker. Still, he is managing to hold on to a net positive rating despite his national campaign as well as recent news that brought potentially negative attention to his time as mayor,” opined Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute.