Here’s Biden (on tape) admitting to the same sort of stuff they want to impeach Trump over

By Matt Rooney

Part of me hopes they man up and vote to impeach, Save Jerseyans; the backlash at the polls next November would be historic. But my chief concern is still the well-being of this country, and this endless campaign to undermine a legitimate election (2016) is damaging to our democracy. Democrats need a name change! And the American people deserve a break.

I’d also settle for a little balance. The hypocrisy of our Media and elites (right and left) is reaching nauseating levels. Trump denies the basic substance of the allegations being lodged against him. On the other hand, we know that Barack Obama asked Putin’s Russia for campaign help. Unlike the Trump situation, we have the scandalous incident on tape (click here for my Monday post on it). The same goes for Obama’s former vice president…

Yes, that’s correct.

We have Joe Biden on tape admitting to substantively the same stuff they now want Trump impeached over. It’s him, video-recorded, recounting how he threatened to withhold $$$ from Ukraine unless they fired a prosecutor. Not allegations. Not unsourced stories. Not wild theories. Direct from Uncle Joe’s own mouth. 

Check this out (first the clip, then a useful mash-up):