NJ-11: Sherrill says it’s time for Trump impeachment hearings

MORRISTOWN, N.J. – Despite running as a centrist in 2018, freshman Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D, NJ-11) moved deeper into the radical Left’s camp on Monday evening, co-signing a Washington Post editorial with six other freshman Democrats demanding impeachment hearings.

“If these allegations are true, we believe these actions represent an impeachable offense,” the freshman Democrats wrote, reacting to an allegation that President Trump tried to coerce the Ukraine into investigating Joe Biden’s son. “We do not arrive at this conclusion lightly, and we call on our colleagues in Congress to consider the use of all congressional authorities available to us, including the power of ‘inherent contempt‘ and impeachment hearings, to address these new allegations, find the truth and protect our national security.”

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Sherrill’s district is considered likely Democratic in 2020 after her 56.8% to 42.1% win over Republican candidate Jay Webber last cycle, but it technically remains a lean-GOP jurisdiction by the numbers; the incumbent’s hard-left drift may provide an opening for a yet-to-be-named Republican challenger. 

New Jersey’s 11th Congressional District is dominated by suburban and largely affluent Morris County as well as pieces of the neighboring North Jersey counties of Essex, Sussex and Passaic.

The Congresswoman is under extreme pressure from her base to embrace impeachment; in fact, she was shouted down over the issue at a late August town hall appearance. It’s also been reported that Nancy Pelosi (who visits New Jersey this week) is coming around to the idea of embracing a leadership-backed push for formal impeachment proceedings.