LD39 Democrats play hooky from high school town hall

WESTWOOD, N.J. – The importance of ‘showing up’ is an important early lesson for students.

This year’s 39th Legislative District candidates apparently missed that day in school. 

On Tuesday, Democrats John Birkner and Gerald Falotico skipped a scheduled town hall at Westwood Regional High School (where Birkner is the incumbent mayor), backing out just 24 hours before the event. Republican Assembly incumbents Holly Schepisi and Bob Auth were there and had a captive audience of 300 students and teachers from their seats on the half-empty stage.

“It’s simply inexcusable that our opponents reneged on their commitment to attend today’s Town Hall, especially just one day after claiming they will be strong advocates for young people,” said Auth in a statement released after the town hall. “I guess it is too difficult for them to defend their extreme agenda that is driving so many people – especially our young people – out of state to find good-jobs and a more affordable life.”

“We believe actions speak louder than words, and the actions of Birkner and Falotico in backing out of their commitment to our local children speaks volumes about exactly what kind of Assembly people they would be,” added Schepisi. “Bergen and Passaic Counties deserve strong leaders willing to show up for them. Bob Auth and I do just that; John and Gerry obviously don’t.”

Suburban LD39 is considered a “reach” district for Democrats this year, but that hasn’t stopped state Democrats from throwing mud at Schepisi and Auth – but from a safe distance. Ironically, LD39 Democrats attacked the GOP ticket over the politically-potent vaping issue mere hours before skipping the high school event.