3rd Circuit keeps N.J. magazine ban challenge alive

PHILADELPHIA, PA – New Jersey Second Amendment advocates won a small but significant procedural victory on Monday when the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit kept a challenge to the state’s draconian magazine ban law alive.

The Court denied a state motion to dismiss the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Club (ANJRPC)’s constitutional challenge to New Jersey’s ban on any magazine containing more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

A previous attempt by ANJRPC to win an injunction against the 2018 law failed last December.

The organization celebrated Monday’s ruling for breathing life into their effort.

“New Jersey officials prematurely declared victory in press releases very early in the case, when the lowest federal court declined to hear it,” ANJRPC announced on its website. “On appeal to the Third Circuit (middle-level federal appeals court), NJ urged the court to dismiss that appeal as well, but the court has now refused. That means that the appeal will proceed, and New Jersey will be forced to defend its unconstitutional law on appeal.”

New Jersey is considered one of America’s most hostile jurisdictions to the Second Amendment.