Booker threatens to “pancake” Trump but poor polling may box him out of December’s debate

By Matt Rooney

They say ‘fake it until you make it,’ Save Jerseyans, but at some point you need to actually give people something concrete to believe in. Our old friend Cory “Spartacus” Booker – who blocked me on Twitter, in case you’re a newer reader and don’t know – is doing a lot of faking but not much to make anyone believe in him. 

Booker told a crowd of supporters over the weekend that he would “pancake” Donald Trump, but a brand new Quinnipiac New Hampshire poll released Monday finds Booker at 1% with likely voters in the nation’s first primary state.

Joe Biden leads at 20% with Warren (16%), Buttigieg (15%), and Sanders (14%) all close behind. No other Democrat candidate registered higher than single digit support in the Granite State.

Booker’s latest results puts him at 10th place in New Hampshire on the RCP polling average; he’s also 10th in Iowa (1.3%), 8th in Nevada (1.5%), and 7th in South Carolina (3.5%).

He’s qualified for the November 20th George debate but not for the December one in Los Angeles and it’s looking grim; to make the LA stage, he’ll need (per the NYT) “two polls at 6 percent or more in the four early nominating states: Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina; or four polls at 4 percent or more in early nominating states or national surveys” in addition to hitting a donor threshold.

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