Gov. Murphy wants you to pay more in taxes and power your home | Spadea

By Bill Spadea
This post originally appeared at NJ 101.5

That’s right, our Governor and his radical co-Governor wife are on another quixotic adventure. This time shilling for climate change extremists who want you to believe that the earths gradual warming over time is actually your fault. They will point to an increase in storms, rising sea levels and and number of weather events that paint a picture of doom and gloom.

We’ve heard the real agenda from the climate-crazies in Washington saying among other things that you have to stop eating meat, stop flying and if not, human civilization could end in 12 years. Obviously normal people don’t buy this nonsense. Problem is, this propaganda is being pushed in our schools, in the Liberty Science Center and by the complicit media. No one can show real evidence that your SUV warming up on a below freezing day is killing the planet, but they will pass a law and fine you nonetheless.

We can show evidence that shows how an over-reliance on inefficient power sources like wind and solar lead to a need to an increase coal power output. We can also show how real clean energy has to be practical and actually keep the lights on. There are two which are top of list for clean, environment friendly, efficient and inexpensive when applied to the power grid. Natural Gas and Nuclear.

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