Bored Booker spends debate night working the phones

URBANDALE, IA – Barred from the Thursday night debate stage owing to his terrible battleground and national polling, U.S. Senator Cory Booker (a/k/a Spartacus) spent debate night at an Iowa phone bank (see below) calling prospective caucus-goers.

Spartacus needs to reach as many voters as he can between now and February 3rd. He’s currently in a distant 6th place position in Iowa polling (averaging 2.8%). The last time an eventual Democrat nominee lost the Iowa caucuses was 1992 when Iowa’s U.S. Senator Tom Harkin finished first and Bill Clinton finished third with 2.81%.

Worse still for Booker, the DNC has made its January debate requirements (the next one is in Iowa on January 14th) even more onerous; to debate, candidates will need 5% or better in at least four DNC-approved national or Iowa/New Hampshire/Nevada/South Carolina) polls. Alternatively, debaters can make the stage with 7% in at least two of the above states.

Booker had blamed racism for his inability to participate in the December debate.