OPINION: Time to fight back and vote ‘NO’ on more school funding | SPADEA

By Bill Spadea
This post originally appeared at NJ 101.5

It’s a tough question when the politicians come knocking for more money for our schools. They either try to make you feel guilty about the poor kids in old buildings, or they try to scare you into thinking that the schools are on the verge of collapse.

Either way, the ballot questions seem to be written to deceive voters into voting “yes” regardless of the lack of accountability for the spending, the spike in taxes that typically results and the connected insiders who may be befitting from the new spending, borrowing and taxation. The worst part is the local votes are always scheduled for the off season when everyone is distracted by a million other things.

Tuesday, Dec. 10, they are at it again. This time the elites want the taxpayers in Edison, and across the state, to cough up nearly $190 million for improvements and changes to a handful of schools.

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