Peters to Trenton Democrats: “Stop catering to people who break the law”

TRENTON, N.J. – Ahead of an anticipated floor vote on driver’s licenses for illegal aliens, Navy SEAL and New Jersey Assemblyman Ryan Peters (R-8) upbraided his Democrat colleagues for disrespecting the rule of law.

“Yesterday, our legislature rushed a bill through the Assembly Appropriations Committee that would provide driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants,” said Peters in a Friday statement.

“There’s many things about this that perplexes me, like why Trenton politicians are ignoring the majority of voters and pushing this through in lame duck session, but what is most troubling is this state’s clear disregard of the laws that govern us,” Peters added. “What’s the point of immigration laws if we refuse to acknowledge them? Stop catering to people who break the law.”

The New Jersey Senate Transportation Committee passed S-3229; the Assembly Judiciary Committee passed the companion bill (A4743) last week.

If passed and signed into law, illegal aliens residing in New Jersey will be able to obtain cheaper licenses than legal residents; insurance rates will also likely spike, and no safeguards are in place to prevent motor voter fraud.

New Jersey has been a “Sanctuary State” since spring 2019 in which local law enforcement are prohibited by the Murphy Administration from cooperating with federal immigration authorities.