N.J. Democrat who co-sponsored ‘right to die’ bill enraged over local turkey’s execution

N.J. Democrat who co-sponsored ‘right to die’ bill enraged over local turkey’s execution

By Matt Rooney

Put this one in the ‘Trenton is Ridiculous’ file, Save Jerseyans.

On Friday, Assemblyman John Burzichelli (D-3) expressed his anger after a wild turkey – nicknamed “Glenny” by certain residents of the Camden County suburb of Haddon Heights – was euthanized by federal wildlife officials.

“Swooping in and confiscating the wildlife who displayed no signs of illness or disease, according to the sanctuary that took it in, showed no regard to the students and residents who had come to care for the turkey and helped find it a home,” complained Burzichelli in a press release“There were many other options the U.S. Department of Agriculture could have exercised instead of killing ‘Glenny.’ At the very least, it could have been quarantined and tested to ensure it was not a threat to other wildlife. Euthanizing an animal should be the last resort. It was an insensitive act in the eyes of the children and the residents who grew attached to Glenny.”

“There were children watching. And for that, how they handle these unique cases and the policies governing these matters have to be reviewed,” Burzichelli added. “The residents of Haddon Heights deserve a better explanation, a better reason for their actions.”

I’m not here to debate whether Glenny deserved his fate. That’s a discussion for another time.

What I find interesting: in case you didn’t already know, Burzichelli was the co-sponsor of New Jersey’s recently-enacted ‘right to die’ euthanasia law.


Am I the only one wondering how Assemblyman Burzichelli was able to approve that press release with a straight face?


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