Cape May is now a sanctuary county… for legal gun owners.

Cape May is now a sanctuary county… for legal gun owners.

CAPE MAY COURT HOUSE, N.J. – New Jersey is a notorious ‘sanctuary state’ for illegals.

One South Jersey county has decided it wants to be a sanctuary state for legal gun owners in the face of an ongoing anti-Second Amendment assault launched by the Murphy Administration.

On January 14th, the Cape May County Board of Chosen Freeholders adopted a resolution declaring their Jersey Shore county to be a “Second Amendment/Lawful Gun Owner Sanctuary.”

The goal, as expressed by the resolution, is for Cape May “to stand as a sanctuary county for Second Amendment rights and to oppose, within the limits of the Constitution of the United States, any efforts to unconstitutionally restrict such rights, and to use such legal means at its disposal to protect the right of the citizens to keep and bear arms, including through legal action, the power of appropriation of public funds, and the right to petition for redress of grievances.”

Cape May County’s government is part of a larger movement that recently gained national attention at a Richmond, Virginia rally which attracted tens of thousands of peaceful protesters. For example, several counties in North Carolina have already passed similar resolutions. A handful of towns here in New Jersey are also acting on their own.

The all-Republican freeholder board also signaled its strong “opposition to any law that would unconstitutionally restrict the rights under the Second Amendment of the citizens of Cape May County, such as Assembly Bill 6003,” a new Trenton legislative proposal which, if signed into law, would mandate that gun owners obtain at least $50,000 in firearm liability insurance.