Van Drew on Fox News: 100k tickets requested so far for Trump’s Wildwood rally

By Matt Rooney

100,000 tickets requested for a venue that fits about 15,000.

That’s what Congressman Jeff Van Drew (R, NJ-02) told Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures program this week about the upcoming Wildwood, New Jersey Trump rally scheduled for 7:00 p.m. EST on January 28th.

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The Democrat-turned-Republican said it’s been the most requested Trump rally of “all the events he’s done, in all of the country.” Van Drew also said it’s proof President Trump “cares about the big towns, and big cities, and he also cares about the little places.

Addressing impeachment, Van Drew reiterated his belief that the articles about to be considered in the U.S. Senate are “very weak” and that political impeachments are dangerous for the country.