Mikie Sherrill’s price tag is apparently $1.87 million

By Matt Rooney

Mikie Sherrill endorsed Mike Bloomberg on Thursday, Save Jerseyans.

Surprised? Come’on. Follow the money. The billionaire New Yorker paid handsomely to buy Mikie. Her price tag: $1.87 million.

NYC’s ex-mayor spent the money on a 2018 ad blitz supporting Sherrill’s run for the 11th district congressional seat. New York television doesn’t come cheap. Bloomberg’s assist undoubtedly had an impact in the Morris County-dominated House battleground.

Actually, total expenditures from Bloomberg’s “Independence USA” PAC in NJ-11 totaled $2,219,630.

Now it’s time to pay the piper. 

In this case, an angry little piper who has something else in common with Donald Trump beyond wealth and geography: an instinct for making shallow politicians like Sherrill jump on command. Bloomberg spent a fortune on 2018 in particular, and not just in NJ-11 but Democrat targets across the country; I doubt Sherrill will be the last high-price acquisition for Mayor Mike before primary his season is over.