OPINION: Hey Gurbir Grewal, her name is Carolina Cano | Spadea

OPINION: Hey Gurbir Grewal, her name is Carolina Cano | Spadea

By Bill Spadea
This post originally appeared at NJ 101.5

On March 24th, 2019, a 45-year-old woman was discovered raped and murdered in Lincoln Park in Jersey City. Less than a year later, a man who was in our country illegally confessed to the brutal crime.

The victim’s name is Carolina Cano. She was reportedly from Peru working in the US legally. We’ll never know the impact of her death on relatives back home. We’ll never truly know the relationship she had with the family she was working with her in the States. We’ll never truly know the impact on her roommates. We’ll never know how much she suffered in her final moments as she was brutally assaulted and then strangled to death. What went through her mind as her consciousness was being ripped away from strangulation?

Imagine the pain and horror of one minute being out on an an early morning run and then going through the agony of being raped and strangled. As a father, husband and human being it’s a thought that is hard to wrap my head around.

Carolina’s life was snuffed out by the lowest of the low. A bottom feeder who had been deported from the US twice before re-entering again illegally. The timing of the murder is one that should be planted in your mind and serve as your call to action. March 24th. 2019. That’s nine days after Attorney General Gurbir Grewal put his “Sanctuary State” policy into effect. Nine days after the politically driven, self-described progressive, handcuffed Law Enforcement in New Jersey preventing them from working with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Nine days after corrections and others in the justice system serving New Jersey would be forced to let some of the worst offenders back on our streets to terrorize our communities.

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