Murphy’s new executive order could stop any N.J. development for “climate change considerations”

By Matt Rooney

If you didn’t think Trenton was all up in everyone’s business already, Save Jerseyans, get ready for this one…

Back on January 27th, Governor Murphy signed executive order 100. You probably didn’t even notice it, but it might soon have a major impact on your life.

The EO directs the already notorious New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) to “integrate climate change considerations, such as sea level rise, into its regulatory and permitting programs, including but not limited to, land use permitting, water supply, stormwater and wastewater permitting and planning, air quality, and solid waste and site remediation permitting.”

What does that mean?

Good question. It’s deliberately broad. Business leaders fear almost any DEP-related restrictions could now be imposed citing “climate change.”

“The Murphy Administration is telling New Jerseyans that giving the NJDEP virtually unchecked power over our land and how it’s used will be good for us,” said State Senator Anthony Bucco (R-25). “People in the Highlands heard similar promises when the Highlands Act was enacted 15 years ago. They now face nearly impossible permitting hoops to jump through to use the land they own, and the economic growth that was promised has failed to materialize under such strict regulation. We should try to be environmentally conscious without extending the pain already felt in the Highlands to the rest of New Jersey.”

Expect the worst. We’ll naturally keep you in the loop.