NJ-11: Becchi turns in petitions early to minimize volunteers’ COVID-19 exposure

MORRISTOWN, N.J. – It’s a time-honored campaign tradition to turn in ballot-qualifying petitions at the last minute to maximize the number of signatures.

Things are a bit different this year with a pandemic overshadowing everything. NJ-11 GOP candidate Rosemary Becchi decided to turn her petitions in early this year (they’re not due until March 30th) to minimize the risk of petition canvassers helping spread the coronavirus.

“I am humbled by the support I have received from the voters of the 11th District of New Jersey who signed my petition and I will be honored to represent them in the election in November. I am proud of the work that my dedicated campaign staff and volunteers have put into filing my petition today,” explained Becchi whose campaigns filed their petitions on Friday. “Their hard work motivates me to work harder to have their voices heard in Washington on the timely issues of quality, affordable healthcare, supporting our local businesses and helping the families of New Jersey persevere through difficult times. This current coronavirus pandemic is a reminder that the health and wellbeing of our citizens is paramount and that we need to work together in a nonpartisan way in times of adversity.”

An extension for other candidates might be in the works; LD1 State Senator Mike Testa (who is also Cumberland GOP chairman) reportedly asked Governor Murphy to extend the petition deadline in light of the state of emergency.

Becchi is the presumptive nominee to challenge freshman Democrat Mikie Sherrill in November.