Key N.J. Senators ask (but don’t tell) Murphy to wind down some COVID-19 lockdown measures

Key N.J. Senators ask (but don’t tell) Murphy to wind down some COVID-19 lockdown measures

TRENTON, N.J. – Clearly Phil Murphy is the only one who believes that Monmouth Poll, Save Jerseyans.

At long last, Senate President Steve Sweeney and four other legislators, two from each party – State Senators Teresa Ruiz (D-Newark), Troy Singleton (D-Palmyra), Declan O’Scanlon (R-Little Silver), and Steve Oroho (R-Franklin – issued a joint statement on Tuesday afternoon calling on the Murphy Administration to ease its indefinite statewide COVID-19 lockdown.

“As we are developing plans for a full-scale re-opening, we should consider how low-risk businesses and industries can safely reopen now,” said the group of senators.

What specifically would they like to see open/resumed sooner rather than later? With appropriate planning and social distancing modifications?

  • Parks
  • Golf courses
  • Beaches
  • Construction projects
  • Car Sales
  • Elective surgeries

This group’s collective influence translates to a majority in the Senate (probably a veto-proof marjority) for a plan to get the above referenced items open-for-business, but the Senate is only asking at this point… not telling.

As of yet, there hasn’t been a move by Sweeney’s Senate or the General Assembly (also Democrat controlled) to force the Governor’s hand with limiting legislation or even a simple resolution.

It’s a weak response…

…but it does mean the tide is turning, and some of our state’s more astute politicians can read he public mood better than Team Murphy.

Meanwhile, in case you missed it, the Governor declared his blanket shutdown to be indefinite on Monday but stated one day later that he’s considering whether to open parks and golf courses down the road. He also announced a reopening advisory commission comprised almost entirely of far-left radicals.