8 GOP Assembly members join Democrats passing “BLM Day” resolution

8 GOP Assembly members join Democrats passing “BLM Day” resolution

TRENTON, N.J. – Eight Republican Assembly members supported a resolution on Monday urging Governor Murphy to declare every July 13th “Black Lives Matter Day” in New Jersey.

One legislator told Save Jersey he voted for the “sentiment,” not the “current movement.” 

“I agree strongly with the sentiment that Black Lives Matter but I am starchy against the approach of the current movement,” freshman Assemblyman Brian Bergen explained via e-mail. “Today I voted ‘Yes’ to institute a Black Lives Matter Day in NJ because the sentiment is worth the measure. I personally don’t believe in abstention votes, so I had a binary choice today, Yes or No. I could have suggested tons of different options to make meaningful change in difficult times, but the majority party decided this would be on the agenda and I needed to make a vote. I voted Yes because I do believe that Black Lives Matter.”   

The resolution however makes no such disinction, and the BLM movement is led by anti-American Marxist activists, one of whom is an open admirer of N.J. cop killer Joanne Chesimard.

It passed 53-0-18. Most of the other GOP members abstained.

Here’s the list of Republican yes votes:

Brian Bergen (LD25) F

Aura Dunn (LD25) 

Betty Lou DeCroce (LD24)

Chris DePhillips (LD40)

Antwan McClellan (LD1) 

Erik Simonsen (LD1) 

Ryan Peters (LD8)

Jean Stanfield (LD8)