Mistake? Hundreds of Somerset County Republicans in a single town received Democrat ballots

BERNARDSVILLE, N.J. – Don’t think remote elections are good policy? Fears that New Jersey’s all (or mostly) mail-in ballot primary election won’t be successful were already validated this week in one Somerset County community.

In strongly-Republican Bernardsville, as many as 700 registered GOP’ers reportedly received Democrat ballots instead of Republican ones. The story was first reported by News12

Here’s one example:

Somerset’s county clerk – Steve Peter – is a Democrat first elected in 2017.

Sadly, Bernardsville’s problem doesn’t appear to be isolated.

Delivery mishaps and allegations of mass fraud plagued local vote-by-mail elections earlier this spring. For example, 19% of the ballots cast in Paterson were invalidated by officials.

The Murphy Administration promised limited in-person voting for the upcoming July 7th primary election, rescheduled from June due to COVID-19, but scant details have been provided to date.