N.J. landlord sues Murphy over security deposit executive order

CAMDEN, N.J. – A Cherry Hill landlord is suing Governor Phil Murphy over his wildly-unconstitutional executive order permitting tenants to use their security deposits for rent.

In his complaint filed in federal court on Tuesday, Plaintiff Matthew Johnson says the Governor’s Executive Order 128 attempts “to enact, waive, amend, or repeal laws, and a state of emergency cannot and does not increase the Governor’s authority beyond the scope of his power as granted by the Constitutions of the United States and New Jersey and duly enacted state statutes.”

“When Mr. Johnson leased that property, he negotiated with his tenant to ensure that his tenant paid a security deposit that would secure and protect his property against any damage during the tenancy,” explains the complaint. “Executive Order 128 interferes with that agreement and nullifies Mr. Johnson’s rights and entitlements as a landlord under the private and voluntary contract that he negotiated in 2018. In a time of nationwide economic insecurity, Governor Murphy has unilaterally singled out one type of property owner—residential landlords—and canceled the security that protects their property from physical damage.

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