The Liberal Jargon Instant Translator! | Cirucci

By Dan Cirucci
Cross-Posted from The Dan Cirucci Blog

Words are important.

Words have meaning.

Liberals will tell you this time and time again.

That’s why liberals spend a lot of time changing words and inventing a whole new language with new words and new phrases. They know that if they can control the language they can control the narrative. And if they can control the narrative, they’re on their way to winning.

Don’t let them do it.

Understand how they manipulate the language. Know what they really mean.

Use this quick, handy translator:

The Word/Phrase – What it REALLY means

share our values – Agree with us.

capitalist – A greedy bastard who earns a living and employs others.

capitalism – Greed.

[the] common good – Socialism

diversity – Selective preference applied exclusively to people who agree with us.

dialogue – We talk; you listen.

invest – Confiscate and redistribute. Tax.

racism – Failing to agree with us.

racist – Anyone who tells us something we don’t want to hear.

marginalized people – People who are willingly, permanently dependent on us.

safe space – Our own private echo chamber.

inclusive – Including only those who “share our values.” See above.

systemic – So all pervasive that it can never be resolved. But it’s still your fault and you are compelled to feel guilty about it forever.

sensitivity – Attentiveness directed only at those who “share our values.” See above.

triggered – Being disturbed by the truth.

affirm, affirmation Aligning your thoughts and words with us.

uncomfortable conversation – We attack you; you listen and do penance.

trauma – Anything mildly disturbing, such as the truth.

traumatize – To trigger. See above.

defund – Emaciate, eviscerate, vaporize.

micro aggression – A hangnail or some other minor nuisance.

privileged – Hard working, productive, successful people.

empower – Take power from you and give it to us, unearned and with no expectation of responsibility.

racial disparity – The fact that we don’t all look the same, act the same or earn the same income.

racial injustice – Any perceived grievance or slight, not necessarily related to race.

gun control – Disarming, confiscation.

reproductive rights – Abortion.


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