OPINION: The New Jersey Republican Party, DOA 6/29/2020

By Bill Spadea
This post originally appeared at NJ 101.5

‘That’s all she wrote’ as the cliché goes. On Monday we witnessed the end of the Republican Party in New Jersey. Think that sounds dramatic? Or an exaggeration? Nope. #Truth. For a brief moment after I got a text from my friend Jon Bramnick, who is the elected minority leader in the NJ General Assembly, I thought there was hope. He sent me a video of his speech on the Assembly floor decrying the support for an organization, which is affiliated with at least one convicted terrorist and publicly praises the domestic terrorist who was convicted of murdering a New Jersey State Trooper. This in addition to the rioting, looting, calls to defund the police, assaults on police officers and the desecration of our nation’s historical monuments. Black Lives Matter is quite a group, dontcha think?

I thought at the very least, the NJGOP could unite to oppose the Democratic legislature and Governor’s attempt to praise these radicals by awarding a special day to honor them. When I watched the video that Jon sent me I was all positive. Of course the “July 13th” bill passed, which was no surprise, but at least someone stood in public opposition. So the question wasn’t asked during the exchange with Jon…how many votes for and how many against?

When I arrived at the studio Tuesday morning, ready to praise the courageous opposition, it was time to review the roll call with Eric Scott. Shocked doesn’t begin to describe my reaction…

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Bill Spadea
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