BREAKING: N.J. Supreme Court sides with Murphy on billions in new borrowing

TRENTON, N.J. – Disregarding the plain language of the state constitution, the New Jersey Supreme Court refused to strike down a multi-billion dollar Democrat borrowing scheme in its decision released Wednesday. The decision assures that Democrat-dominated state government can run up billions in new debt without voter approval, all in the name of the COVID-19 pandemic:

“To be clear, we do not overrule the holding in Lance. Lance concluded that proceeds from contract bonds “do not constitute ‘revenue’ for the purposes of . . . the Appropriations Clause[], and cannot be used to balance the budget.” 180 N.J. at 593. That remains the law. Lance, however, did not consider the Debt Limitation Clause, the Emergency Exception, or their interplay with the Appropriations Clause.”

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“This decision confirms that all three branches of the New Jersey state government are firmly in the grasp of the Democrat Party,” reacted NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt whose organization initiated the legal challenge. “The only way to put an end to out of control spending is to send more Republicans to Trenton. While the State’s Democratic Supreme Court today took a partisan swipe at a common-sense spending issue, the New Jersey Republican Party was compelled to file it and isn’t dissuaded by the result. It was expected. Instead, it motivates us, as it should every New Jersey Republican, to get to work digging out Democrats who supported this $10 billion borrowing boondoggle.”

“Today’s decision is another slap in the face to New Jersey taxpayers who have for too long been victimized by irresponsible Trenton politicians,” added Jack Ciattarelli, who joined the suit as a plaintiff, in his own statement. “Politicians who, along with Trenton special interests, have disadvantaged working men and women, seniors on fixed incomes, and businesses large and small for two-plus decades.”